La Chapelle Corneille - Auditorium of Normandy

La Chapelle Corneille - Auditorium of Normandy

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8iXgxlEm 400x400There are seven resident companies at the sumptuous quire of the Chapelle Corneille which was rebuilt into the Auditorium of Normandy, a real acustic jewel... From baroque to jazz music, different programmes offer a rich and diverse season which totals about fifty concerts.

Under Oswald Sallaberger's artistic direction, La Maison Illuminée is strongly inspired by the light, the history and atmospheres of Normandy. Through specific performances, it endeavours to focus mainly on composers who travelled or lived there (Ravel in Lyons-la-Forêt, Debussy in Pourville-sur-mer, Caplet and Honegger in Le Havre, Satie in Honfleur, Roussel in Varengeville-sur-mer...) and show the region as an inspiration for creation in a larger dialogue with Classical and Romantic masterpieces. The Chapelle Corneille – Auditorium of Normandie is the ideal venue with which to build partnerships and run a concert season.

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