Mission statement

Mission statement

La Maison Illuminée
Music sharing is at the core of Oswald Sallaberger's aim. It is his desire to broaden the general audience of
La Maison Illuminée to reach everyone and inspire new generations to love classical music.
Each concert or educational programme encourages the audience to discover music emotion and engage with it...
This is Oswald Sallaberger's real impulse to music making.

La Cabane Illuminée

La Maison Illuminée offers free 30-minute pre-concert programmes at the Chapelle Corneille. They are open to everyone and inspired by the programme of the evening concert.

Read the programmes of the Cabane Illuminée at the Chapelle Corneille..


Galerie Adrienne Desbiolles

« La naissance d'un concert » ("The birth of a concert")

In a unique place where all sorts of objets d'art meet contemporary painting exhibitions and sculptures, hostess Adrienne opens her house to music.

Here, La Maison Illuminée runs a series of concerts and open rehearsals, as well as family events.

Normandie impressionniste 2016

Normandy being the cradle of Impressionism, this vibrant festival has displayed the cultural heritage of the region worldwide since 2010. Three seasons have already offered a large programme of painting exhibitions, multidisciplinary events (music, theatre, dance...) and festivities accross Normandy, inviting everyone to participate.

As part of the Normandie Impressionniste Festival, La Maison Illuminée runs a series of events at the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Rouen where music meets art as the guided tour of the "Portraits" exhibition includes a live concert.

L’Académie de Rouen 2016/2017

« Lumières sur les oeuvres » ("Spotlight on artworks")

The Délégation académique à l’action culturelle (Daac), in partnership with La Maison Illuminée and the Musée des Beaux-Arts of the Métropole Rouen Normandie, offers an artistic and cultural course entitled « Lumières sur les oeuvres » ("Spotlight on artworks") to high schools which are part of the regional education authority of Rouen.

All year along, the classes which take part in this programme work on La Maison Illuminée projects at the Chapelle Corneille, alongside the Musée des Beaux-Arts collections.

Mozart à la Source 2014/15

«Mozart and..; » is the outcome of a long-time running project conceived by Oswald Sallaberger. It involves fifteen young people from deprived backgrounds who are members of the association La Source (founded by plastic artist Gérard Garouste) and musicians from the Orchestra of Rouen Normandy.

Under Oswald Sallaberger's guidance, these teenagers were introduced to Mozart's music and developed their cultural awareness.

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